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Actuarial Management Resources, Inc. was originally founded as an actuarial consulting firm. With this technical expertise and insurance business knowledge, we saw an opportunity to develop an insurance administrative system. It is with this background in the actuarial field that we bring a valuable perspective to our clients and their system needs. Our knowledge and experience with product development and technical details allows us to put together a one-of-a-kind perspective to systems development.


Insurance Administration System (IAS)

New Business
Policy Owner Service
Commission Accounting
Claims Processing
System/Accounting Interfaces
Experience Reporting

IT Department Alternative

When a new version of an archaic administration system is required or your IT budget is getting
out of hand, consider the advantages of putting your IT costs on a fixed per policy basis. We handle all your model office needs. Need a block of business converted in a timely manner, AMR can typically handle a conversion in half the time of others due to our unique system design and conversion approach. Need quick product introduction but can’t wait for the IT department , AMR can implement your new product quickly.